Slope Skitouring

As an extension of the sports offer, the SkiWelt Söll offers official routes for touring the slopes day and night this winter. Daily from 07:00 – 11:00 and on Wed – Sat evening there are different routes and time slots to start a safe tour.

The interest in trail touring has grown more and more in recent years. The flat family run/moon toboggan run no. 40 with refreshments on the Stöcklalm is also  suitable for beginners. Experienced athletes appreciate the challenging ascent route/valley run 40a and Keat.

In order to offer all athletes a beautiful mountain experience in Söll, the Bergbahen Söll have decided to introduce fixed times for ski touring, and to signpost the routes. On the moon toboggan run there is a time window for tourers from December in the early evening in which the toboggan operation is restricted.
Tourers are welcome at these times and not only tolerated.

For all ski pass holders (toboggan tickets, season tickets, day tickets, night ski tickets) the offer is free of charge. Parking at the touring car park is also free of charge. Only for slope tourers without any ski pass a small slope usage fee is due, for the security, lighting, signage and preparation of the routes, the slope rescue and parking.

Pistengeher day or night ticket
ADULTS. € 10,-
Jug. € 8,-
Children € 5,-

Route 1:
Bergstation Hexenwasser
Familienabfahrt/Mondrodelbahn Route 40 (blau)
– Täglich von 07:00 – 11:00 Uhr
– Nacht: Mi – Sa von 17:30 – 18:30 Uhr

Route 2:
Zur Bergstation Hexenwasser & den Keat Almen
Talabfahrt, Route 40a (schwarz) & weiter Keatabfahrt Route 43
– Täglich von 07:00 – 11:00 Uhr
– Nacht: Mi – Sa von 18:30 – 20:30 Uhr